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Chinese Dried scallops

Haidong Seafood specializes in providing a culinary treasure: dried sea scallop meat, known in the culinary world as 夏夷干贝. Sourced from the species Patinopecten yessoensis, our sea scallops undergo a delicate drying process that locks in their flavor and succulence, ready to be shipped to discerning clients globally.

The Richness of Dried Sea Scallops Our Patinopecten yessoensis, or dried sea scallops, capture the essence of the sea with their robust flavor and tender texture. These are not your average scallops; they are a delicacy renowned for their large size and rich taste, making them a favorite in gourmet kitchens.

Dried Scallop Recipe Perfection With our dried sea scallop meat, chefs can create a myriad of dishes that resonate with umami and sophistication. The versatility of our dried scallops allows for endless culinary exploration, from dried scallop soup to the heartwarming dried scallop congee.

Dried Scallop in Chinese Culinary Arts ‘Dried scallop in Chinese’, or 干贝, is a revered ingredient in traditional Chinese cooking. Our Chinese dried scallops offer an authentic taste that enhances the flavor profile of classic and modern dishes alike.

Purchase with Confidence: Buy Dried Scallops For those looking to buy dried scallops, Haidong Seafood ensures a product of unmatched quality. Whether for use in high-end restaurant fare or specialty retail, our dried sea scallops are the ideal choice for an exquisite ingredient offering.

Dried Japanese Scallops: A Touch of Luxury While the name 夏夷干贝 may suggest a regional specialty, our dried Japanese scallops are appreciated in a variety of international cuisines. They are perfect for creating luxurious dishes that demand the best quality and flavor.

Haidong Seafood is your trusted provider of the finest dried sea scallop meat. As we cater to B2B customers, we understand the importance of delivering an exceptional product that meets the high standards of professional kitchens and specialty food markets.

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