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At Haidong Seafood, we are proud to offer our Frozen Boiled Scallop Meat with Frill (冻煮裙边夏夷贝), a premium product made from the finest Pacific sea scallops, known globally as Sea scallops. Unlike offerings that only include the adductor muscle, our product features the scallop’s frill, providing a richer texture and flavor. Available with roe (ROE ON) or without (ROE OFF), our scallops are prepared and then flash-frozen to capture their freshness before being exported worldwide.

Savor the Quality: Dry Sea Scallops Our dry sea scallops are sourced from the ocean’s depths, ensuring the highest quality. The term “dry” refers to the fact that no additives or moisture are introduced post-harvest, maintaining the scallops’ natural taste.

Sea Scallops in the Shell: A Natural Wonder Sea scallops in the shell are harvested with care, preserving the beauty of the sea scallop shell. This natural packaging is not only attractive but also signifies the freshness of the product.

Nutritional Value: Calories in Sea Scallops Sea scallops are not only a delight to the palate but also a healthy choice. Low in calories and rich in protein, they provide a nutritious option for health-conscious consumers.

Are Sea Scallops Healthy? Yes, they are. Sea scallops are an excellent source of lean protein and contain beneficial nutrients, making them a healthful addition to any diet.

Portion Control: How Many Sea Scallops in a Pound? When it comes to portion sizes, a pound of sea scallops can vary based on size, but generally, you can expect about 20 to 30 scallops, ensuring generous servings for your culinary needs.

Visual Appeal: What Does a Sea Scallop Look Like? A sea scallop’s meat is creamy white, sometimes with an orange or pink hue, indicating the presence of nutritious roe. The frill adds to the visual allure, making it an attractive addition to dishes.

Traceability: Where Do Sea Scallops Come From? Our sea scallops are sourced from the cold, clean Atlantic waters, known for producing some of the finest seafood in the world.

Cultural Significance: Sea Scallops in Spanish In Spanish, sea scallops are known as ‘vieiras’ and are a key ingredient in many traditional dishes, celebrated for their versatility and delicious taste.

Freshness Preserved: Sea Scallops Alive By quickly boiling and then freezing our scallops, we lock in the taste and texture as if they were fresh out of the shell.

Haidong Seafood’s Frozen Boiled Scallop Meat with Frill offers an exquisite taste of the ocean to our B2B clients, ensuring quality, taste, and freshness are delivered to your establishment.

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