Frozen Bay Scallops Meat: Dry & Processed

bay scallop meat

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Chinese frozen bay scallops meat from haidong

Bay scallops are one of the main scallop varieties circulating in the global scallop market. The contraction muscle (meat) of bay scallops is smaller than that of Sea scallops as a whole. Bay scallops seashells are also some different from other. they are mostly purple scallop shell or light yellow brown in color, and the surface is covered with round radiating ribs. These scallops are as delicious as larger scallops, making them very suitable for anyone who wants to use scallops in their recipes, Because the recipe requires scallops to have relatively small seafood ingredients, such as Italian pasta, sauce, soup, curry, and stir fry.

Most of our bay scallops are wild. Wild scallops not only have excellent taste and quality, but are also recognized as healthy foods.

The bay scallop season is from October to December, and fishing is carried out in the Bohai Bay of China. Then it is immediately transported to our factory for rapid freezing treatment. After completing the rapid freezing treatment, the freshness and delicate taste are locked in. The bay scallops of Haidong Seafood are handpicked scallops to achieve the highest quality standards. Provide frozen supply according to customer requirements. For example, packaging requirements, proportion of ice clothing, size selection, etc

How to make frozen bay scallops?

We use IQF technology (Individual Quick Freezing) for freezing treatment to ensure maximum protection of freshness and quality. Our products achieve a low temperature of -45C during the quick freezing process. Customers can store seafood in the ice compartment of a regular household freezer after purchasing it.

bay scallops nutrition & scallop SIZE

Bay scallops nutrition information
A 3.5 oz portion
Fat1 g
Cholesterol53 mg
Carbohydrates 0
Protein23 g
Sodium.265 mg

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