Discovering Diver Scallops – A Journey Through Qinhuangdao’s Seafood Tradition


At the break of dawn, while the city of Qinhuangdao was still nestled in slumber, the vigor of the port was palpable with fishermen and their boats, ready to embrace the day’s quest at sea. Among these boats, the spotlight shines on the scallop fishing fleet, especially known for their unique method of harvesting – diving for scallops. This technique not only showcases the hard work of the fishermen but also highlights the significance of diver scallops in the local seafood culture.

As the first light of day painted the sky, I embarked on a journey aboard a filming boat to capture the essence of fishing in Qinhuangdao, particularly focusing on the harvesting of diver scallops. The crisp morning air and the sturdy sea breeze seemed an ode to the day’s labor that awaited us. Not long after setting off, a fleet of 15 scallop fishing boats, their sirens echoing in harmony, set sail towards the eastern waters, home to the prized diver scallops of Qinhuangdao.


The process of scallop fishing is as fascinating as it is arduous. Each boat, equipped with two nets, plows the sea to gather scallops, filling the deck with the day’s hope. The uniqueness of Qinhuangdao’s diver scallops comes into play when these fishing masters, equipped with diving suits and oxygen tanks, dive almost 10 meters underwater to handpick scallops, sea snails, and other marine treasures. This sustainable fishing method, focusing on scallops and abalones that require specialized tools for collection, showcases the dedication and skill needed to bring the freshest seafood to the table.

After hours spent navigating the sea and experiencing the life of a diver first-hand, the freshness of the catch was preserved as it was swiftly transported to the Haidong Aquatic Factory for processing. The day’s toil ensures that the freshest of seafood, especially the diver scallops, can be enjoyed not only in China but also in international markets like the United States, Canada, and South Korea.


Through this journey, the dedication of the fishermen of Qinhuangdao becomes evident. Their hard work not only brings delight to our dining tables but also carries forward the city’s legacy of seafood harvesting, especially the unique tradition of diving for scallops. These diver scallops, a specialty of Qinhuangdao, symbolize the freshness and authenticity that the city’s seafood is famed for. As the fishing ban in Bohai Bay comes to an end, the abundance of fresh seafood available is a testament to the city’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

The journey of diving scallops from the depths of Qinhuangdao’s waters to our tables is a remarkable story of tradition, dedication, and hard work. As the city wakes up to another day, the fishermen set out at dawn, carrying the legacy of their city, their dreams, and the promise of fresh, delicious seafood. In Qinhuangdao, the taste of happiness is as fresh as the catch of the day.


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