Argentina’s Illex Squid Catch Hits New Heights: A Look at Q1 Landings

illex squid

The first quarter of 2024 has been a period of unprecedented success for the Argentine squid fishing industry, with record-breaking catches of Illex squid reported across the nation’s ports. This surge in catch volumes not only underscores the vitality and potential of Argentina’s fishing industry but also sets a vibrant tone for the upcoming fishing seasons, including the highly anticipated shrimp fishing in domestic waters.

Record Landings of Illex Squid

Breakdown of Catch Volumes by Port

The Argentine ports have collectively unloaded an impressive total of 96,961 tons of squid from January 1 to March 26, 2024, showcasing the immense contribution of the Illex squid to the nation’s fishing industry. Madeline Port emerged as a significant contributor with 26,815 tons, while Des é ado Port in Santa Cruz Province and Mad Plata Port followed closely, unloading 33,196 tons and 35,046 tons, respectively. These figures represent the collective efforts of various ports in bolstering the overall catch for the quarter.

Year-on-Year Growth Analysis

Comparing the current year’s remarkable catch to the previous year, there is a clear indication of growth within the industry. The total catch of 96,961 tons significantly surpasses the 66,254 tons unloaded during the same period in 2023. This year-on-year growth not only highlights the increasing efficiency and capacity of the fishing fleets but also marks a historic milestone in the volume of Illex squid brought to Argentine shores.

Fleet Contributions and Market Dynamics

Fleet Operations and Their Impact

The diverse operations of the fishing fleet have been instrumental in achieving the record-breaking catch figures. Detailed data reveals that Mad Plata Port’s fleet unloaded 23,732 tons, while Madeline Port’s fleet contributed 22,788 tons. Notably, fleets transported 31,693 tons to Des é ado Port, demonstrating the significant role of fleet operations in sustaining and enhancing the industry’s output.

Future Outlook for Shrimp Fishing

With the Illex squid season setting a promising precedent, the industry is now looking forward to the upcoming shrimp fishing season with great anticipation. Despite the cancellation of the “Edward Holmberg” research vessel’s investigation task due to technical issues, the fishing community remains optimistic. The commencement of fishing activities above 44 degrees south latitude is eagerly awaited, with numerous fleets poised to capitalize on the opportunities presented in domestic waters and beyond the permanent no-catch zone (AVPJM).

The first quarter of 2024 has marked a significant milestone for Argentina’s fishing industry, with nearly 100,000 tons of Illex squid landed across various ports. This achievement not only signifies the industry’s robust growth and potential but also lays the foundation for future success in upcoming fishing seasons. As the industry navigates the challenges and opportunities ahead, the record landings of Illex squid serve as a testament to the strategic and concerted efforts of all stakeholders involved, heralding a new era of prosperity and sustainability for Argentina’s fishing sector.

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