Japanese Scallop Exports on the Rise: Navigating New Global Markets

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In the first quarter of 2024, Japan’s scallop exports have seen a remarkable uptick, signifying a strategic shift in the nation’s seafood trade amidst a broader decline in overall exports. This surge in scallop exports, particularly to the US, Vietnam, and Thailand, underscores Japan’s endeavors to tap into new markets and reduce its reliance on traditional trading partners.

Analyzing the Surge in Scallop Exports

Breakdown of Export Increases

February 2024 witnessed a 31% year-on-year increase in the quantity of frozen scallops exported for reprocessing, totaling 2,033 tons. This growth was notably propelled by the drastic rise in exports to Vietnam and Thailand, which saw increases of 736% and from nearly zero to 802 tons, respectively. This shift effectively compensated for the absence of exports to China, marking a significant diversification in Japan’s scallop export destinations.

Market Predictions Amid Harvesting Seasons

The Hokkaido harvesting season, commencing in March 2024, is anticipated to impact future export volumes. With Hokkaido serving as a primary scallop supply region, industry predictions suggest a potential decrease in export volumes compared to the previous year. This expected fluctuation reflects the dynamic nature of the scallop market and underscores the strategic planning undertaken by Japanese exporters to navigate these seasonal adjustments.

Overcoming Processing and Environmental Challenges

Processing Capabilities Across Markets

The comparison of seafood processing capabilities reveals a notable disparity between Vietnam, Thailand, and China. Despite the growing export figures to Vietnam and Thailand, industry executives from Miyagi highlight that the processing levels in these countries have yet to match those observed in China. This discrepancy underscores the challenges Japanese exporters face in diversifying their processing and export strategies.

Sustainability Measures and Export Restrictions

Hokkaido’s response to toxic algae issues through voluntary restrictions from January to March showcases Japan’s commitment to sustainable seafood practices. By limiting the export of frozen Hokkaido scallop shells overseas during this period, Japanese marketers aim to mitigate environmental risks while adhering to sustainable harvesting practices.

Diverse Impacts Across Seafood Categories

Sectoral Performance Variations

The performance of different seafood categories in the export market reveals nuanced market demands and supply chain adjustments. For instance, the export volume of fresh scallop shells surged by 1.5 times in February, despite a decrease in the average price. Conversely, frozen yellowtail fish slices saw a 19% decrease in exports, highlighting the varied responses across seafood categories to global market pressures.

The first quarter of 2024 has heralded a new phase for Japan’s scallop exports, marked by significant growth and strategic market expansion. Despite facing processing and environmental challenges, Japan’s seafood industry is navigating new global markets with adaptability and foresight. The diversification of export destinations and the strategic responses to market and environmental concerns underscore the evolving nature of the global seafood trade. As Japanese exporters continue to explore and adapt to these dynamics, the scallop industry’s trajectory offers valuable insights into the broader shifts within the seafood sector, emphasizing the importance of sustainability, market diversification, and strategic planning in securing future growth and stability.

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