What is the Naics code for frozen seafood products?


If you’re a professional in the frozen seafood industry, it’s crucial to understand the specific industry codes outlined in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

This information is from North American Industry Classification System

311710 – Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging

This category primarily includes establishments engaged in manufacturing frozen seafood products. Key activities in this sector comprise:

  1. Canning seafood, including soups.
  2. Smoking, pickling, and drying seafood.
  3. Processing fresh fish by removing organs, heads, fins, scales, bones.
  4. Shelling and packaging fresh shellfish.
  5. Marine oil processing.
  6. Production of frozen seafood.

Notably, this industry encompasses entities known as “floating factory ships” that specialize in processing seafood into canned products.

2023 Leading Companies in Industry 311710

The top companies in North America under this classification, known for their significant sales revenue, include:

SIC Code for Frozen Seafood Products: 2092

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code for Prepared Fresh or Frozen Fish and Seafoods is 2092. This code is essential for categorizing businesses focusing on preparing and processing fresh or frozen fish and seafood products.

NAICS Code for Seafood Company: 445220

For seafood companies, the relevant NAICS code is 445220, which pertains to Fish and Seafood Markets. This classification includes businesses primarily engaged in retailing fresh, frozen, or cured fish and seafood products.

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling fresh, cured, or frozen fish and seafood products, excluding packaged items.


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