Japanese Scallops Thrive Domestically as Exports Decline Post-China Ban

Japanese scallops

In a significant shift driven by international trade disruptions, the Japanese scallop market has seen a dramatic rise in domestic consumption following China’s import ban. This development stems from China’s decision to halt imports of Japanese seafood due to concerns over the Fukushima nuclear incident, profoundly impacting Japan’s seafood export strategy. The focus of this shift has been particularly pronounced in regions such as Hokkaido, which is pivotal to Japan’s scallop industry.

Dramatic Increase in Domestic Consumption

The fiscal year 2023 witnessed a remarkable 42% year-on-year increase in the consumption of frozen scallop meat in Japan, totaling 13,500 tons. This surge is unprecedented, marking the first time in nearly three years that domestic sales have surpassed exports. The reduction in prices, which saw a significant drop last October—23% for 3S specification scallops to JPY 2500/kg—has played a crucial role. This price adjustment has made scallops more accessible to consumers, boosting sales across supermarkets, conveyor belt sushi restaurants, and online platforms.

japanese scallops meat supply and demand

Impact of China’s Ban on Japanese Seafood Exports

The full import ban imposed by China in response to environmental concerns has necessitated a rapid pivot in Japan’s seafood export approach. With one of their largest markets now closed, Japanese exporters have been compelled to redirect their focus toward other international markets like the US and to strengthen the domestic market. This strategy has not only helped mitigate the immediate fallout from the ban but also spurred significant growth within the local market.

Production and Sales Trends in Hokkaido

In 2023, Hokkaido saw an 18% increase in the production of frozen scallop meat, reaching 24,800 tons. Despite the challenges posed by China’s ban, which drastically reduced raw meal exports, the region has successfully shifted its focus towards enhancing scallop meat processing and boosting domestic sales. Yoshihisa Kawasaki of the Hokkaido Fisheries Cooperation Association highlighted this trend at a national conference, noting the strategic pivot to more sustainable market practices.

frozen Hokkaido scallops

Future Outlook for the Japanese Scallop Industry

Looking ahead, Japan’s scallop supply, including production and inventory, is expected to increase by 20% to 30,000 tons by the end of 2024. This optimistic forecast anticipates a recovery to levels not seen in nearly a decade, facilitated by continued focus on domestic market enhancements and export diversification. The industry’s resilience is evident in its ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and leverage domestic opportunities.

Challenges and Opportunities for Scallop Industry

The Japanese scallop industry faces ongoing challenges such as adapting to new market realities and environmental uncertainties. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation, particularly in developing sustainable fishing practices and exploring new markets. Continued investment in local marketing and product development, especially in regions like Hokkaido and Aomori, is crucial for sustaining growth and supporting the broader fisheries sector.


The shift in market dynamics for Japanese scallops, characterized by increased domestic consumption and strategic realignment following China’s import ban, reflects a broader adaptation within Japan’s seafood industry. The industry’s focus on bolstering internal markets while diversifying exports demonstrates a robust response to international trade challenges. Looking forward, the Japanese scallop industry appears well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory, supported by a strong foundation in sustainable practices and market adaptability.

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