Dried scallop in Chinese-干(gan)貝(bèi)/幹(gon1)瑤(jiu4 )柱(cyu5)

picture of a dry scallop

Dried scallops hold a noble position in traditional Chinese cuisine,  These delicate small foods, rich in freshness, are widely loved for their unique taste and versatility in various Chinese dishes. The dried scallop in Chinese enhances flavors and adds a luxurious touch to recipes. Their importance in Chinese cuisine lies not only in the enjoyment and value of cooking but also in their cultural and historical significance.

In Cantonese, scallops are called 帶子 (daai3 zi2 | dai4 zi5),Dried scallops known as 干(gan)貝(bèi) or 幹(gon1)瑤(jiu4 )柱(cyu5) in Chinese. these scallops are Known globally as conpoy. When it comes to discussing nutritious ingredients today, scallops are often referred to as the top choice. This small sea treasure is packed with nutrients that can exceed those found in fish and shrimp by several times.

Are dried scallops healthy?

Dry scallops, with their rich content of over 60% protein, play a vital role in muscle growth and repair, contributing significantly to maintaining physical health. They are not only a powerhouse of essential nutrients, including vitamin B-12, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids but also offer substantial health benefits. These benefits include anti-cancer properties, softening of blood vessels, and prevention of arteriosclerosis, making them an excellent dietary choice for everyone, including pregnant women and the elderly. The high protein content and nutritional value of dry scallops make them an integral part of a healthy diet.

How to use dried scallops?

Selection of dried scallops:

1. The color is bright yellow and should not turn black or white. It has a strong flavor with white frost;

2. The shape should be as complete as possible, with a short cylindrical shape, solid and full, and the meat should be dry and hard

3. Do not have incomplete cracks

Prepare to use dry scallops

1. Soak the scallops in clean water for about 15 minutes to allow them to absorb moisture and soften naturally.

2. Gently wash the scallops with your hands, while removing the old tendons on the corners of the scallops. Be sure to wash them clean and pay attention to sediment.

3. Then use it to make various cooking ingredients

Dry Scallops recipe in Chinese Cuisine

In Chinese cuisine, dried scallops are commonly used to enhance the flavor of soups, stews, and stir-fries. They can also be rehydrated and shredded to add depth to dishes such as congee or steamed rice. The unique umami taste of dried scallops elevates the overall flavor profile of any dish.

I have compiled a selection of high-quality dried scallop recipes, including some of my creations and others sourced from acclaimed online articles. These recipes are highly recommended for those looking to explore the unique and savory world of dried scallops in their cooking.

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