2024 U.S. Policy: Higher Scallop Fishing Quotas for Scallop in Shells Harvesting

Scallop in Shells

SeafoodSource highlighted a significant decision made by the New England Fisheries Commission (NEFMC) regarding the 2024 scallop season in the Northeast United States on January 11th. The decision marks a major change for the “scallop in shells” industry, which is one of the most profitable fisheries in the country. Despite a gradual decrease in quotas since its peak of 60 million pounds in 2019, the upcoming 2023 scallop season is showing promising changes.

For the 2024 season, the committee predicts a notable catch of approximately 27.4 million pounds of scallops, with the majority – around 24.2 million pounds – expected to come from the limited access sector of the industry. This adjustment not only represents a slight increase from the estimated 25 million pounds in 2023 but also indicates a revitalization in the “scallop in shells” industry.

This proposed increase in the scallop quota is awaiting review and approval by the NOAA Fisheries Department. If approved, this change could signal a positive trend for the industry, providing a boost to the scallop season in 2023 and beyond. This decision is not just a regulatory change; it has the potential to be a turning point that could shape the future of scallop fishing in the United States.


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